Recycler Wants to Give $100,000 to Woman who Threw Out a Rare Apple-1 Computer

by Dan Holden | June 1, 2015


A widow who was cleaning out her late husband’s garage inadvertently donated a first-generation Apple computer worth $200,000 to a recycling depot in Milpitas.  Now, the recyclers want to find her to give her $100,000 for the donation.

Victor Gichun, the recycling vice president, said the woman did not leave any identification and didn’t ask for a receipt, but the manager of the e-waste management company, CleanBayArea, said he would recognize the woman, described only as in her late 60s, on sight.

“We thought it was fake. It was real,” Gichun told NBC news.

Guchin said the computer was sold to a private museum at auction , but he wants to give the donor half of the sale price.

The computer was one of the original 200 Apple-1 computers built by Steve Wozniak in 1976. Insiders say it may be one of only 63 left in existence. The computer was originally sold to the public for US$666,  a number Steve Jobs found humorous.The wood-framed computer has just 4 kB memory, but it proved the concept and allowed Apple to seek more funding for its ventures.

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