Doozy Brings Analog Style to Smart Watch Scene

by Jennifer Elias | November 11, 2013

With the rising number of smart watches hitting the market, San Jose-based Doozy Inc. is taking a more traditional approach to its smart watch design. The company hopes to raise $50,000 for its bluetooth enabled Doozy Watch.
Doozy Inc. founder Carl Leung talks about bringing his ideal smart watch to the public.
What are the main features that set the Doozy Watch apart from other smart watches?
We have implemented a style of an analog watch rather than digital to give people an option in today’s market to finally have a conventional watch with Bluetooth 4.0 smart technology and LED notification. Our stainless steel casing is a well-weight watch which we focused in design to cater to people who do not like electronic watches.  We offer three different types bands of option (silicone, leather and steel) which gives each person their own preference of style.

How did you come up with the idea for the Doozy Watch?

As you know there are many smart watches in the world. Only a few makes it to the public, but in reality, smart watches have been coming out for over five years now. 95 percent of smart watches are the square face touch screen watches that act like a secondary phone.  However, personally, I am not a full-screen, electronic watch type of person.
I like the old school analog look of watches.  So with that in mind, I was thinking, “How can I keep up with today’s market?”  That is when notification alerts with vibration, LED features came into my head.  I asked myself, “How can I mix old school with new technology?” And after a year of consulting with businesses, market research and suppliers,  We have come up with the Doozy watch.

Why did you decide to go with a traditional watch with minimal design as opposed to a digital screen with more features?

Simplicity. We went with a simple style whereas the digital screen watches these days are very bulky because they need a lot more components to build. We wanted to stand out from the digital watches by going Analog.
With the Doozy Watch, you can wear it both casually or formally. Imagine a square face smart watch, touch screen with a suit. It makes no fashion sense. Our focus is on the quality of the watch with a bonus of Bluetooth notifications. Also, the Doozy Watch doesn’t need to be recharged daily. Our two conventional batteries can support usage up to three years on the watch movement and one year on the Bluetooth/LED notifications.

What does an “alert” consist of besides colors on the watch lighting up? Is there a sound or vibration that also occurs?

There are four categories with the LED notifications: phone calls, texts, e-mails and calendar reminders and alerts from facebook, twitter and other social media.

Along with the the LED notifications, you can be alerted with series of beeps along with vibration.  These setting can be set on the mobile application which you can toggle on and off to your personal preference.

Where does the name “Doozy” come from?

My business partner Karl Leung and I took over a month to come up with a company name. We have finally settled with Doozy Inc. because the definition of Doozy is “something different” since our company Doozy Inc. specializes in new innovated products.

Was the product manufactured in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, no. Eventually we are planning sourcing with companies in California, but at this stage the production amount is too low to consider a local manufacture. We rely on our parts currently in China and our assembly is in Hong Kong. Our supplier has ISO9001 documents, CE licensing, and having my business partner in Hong Kong, we are on top of quality control.

If your project is funded, what will its price point be for a standard Doozy watch?

We are setting the Doozy watch to range from $125 to $289 for the “S” model and the “Special Edition” model. With our campaign funds on Kickstarter, we might be adding more color combinations.  We are seeing how the watch fairs in the market but we see the quality of the watch is well worth the price.

What kind of feedback have you been getting from your backers?
 The most common positive feedback is that they have been waiting for a smart analog watch that does not look cheap. The most common negative feedback is that people are saying our watch is nowhere near digital smart watches. But, people tend to forget our concept which is we are taking the analog route with quality craftsmanship on the design of the watch but not limited to Smart Watch features.
Can you tell us more about your new startup Doozy Inc. and if we can expect to see similar products to the Doozy smart watch?
We are a startup company since February 2013 with an office in San Jose and one in Hong Kong. Earlier this year, my business partner and I came up with new product ideas to bring into the the market. However, we felt the Doozy Watch was one of the products we think can change the market. In the future, we are bringing a couple more products out.  Let’s just say they are Bluetooth related.  I would like to spill the beans on the upcoming product ideas, however we are pending patent on a couple of items.

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