Wozniak Joins Bushnell to Keynote ‘Finding the Next Steve Jobs’

by Dan Holden | September 25, 2013

steve jobs

We knew we had a good thing going when Nolan Bushnell, CEO of Brainrush and arguably one of the fathers of Silicon Valley, agreed to be our keynote speaker at the C2SV Conference on Friday at 12:30. His topic:Finding the Next Steve Jobs.

But now we’ve just done one better, because with Nolan will be Steve Wozniak, the childhood friend of Steve Jobs and co-founder of Apple Computer.

It was Nolan Bushnell who first set Steve Jobs on the entrepreneurial trail when he hired Jobs to create a circuit board for the arcade video game Breakout. Bushnell offered to pay Jobs $100 for every chip eliminated in the device.  Jobs hired Wozniak, his buddy from Homestead High School, to help him do that.

Wozniak then invented the Apple I computer and showed it to Jobs at the Palo Alto Homebrew Club where both were involved in trying and testing new computer ideas. Jobs instantly knew it had potential and convinced Wozniak that they needed to start a business around it.

On Friday, Bushnell and Wozniak will revisit those heady days and compare them to the technology industry as we now know it.  Is there another Steve Jobs out there (fellow speaker John McAfee says no)?

Could it be you? Find out more at the C2SV conference on Friday at 12:30pm.

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