Guns Confiscated from McAfee’s Security Detail

by Dan Holden | September 30, 2013

McAfee and Dyson

Did everything go well in the lead-up to my interview with John McAfee on Saturday?

Well, not exactly. And we’re not talking about lost badges, either (although that happened, too).

About an hour prior to his speech, McAfee was sitting with his new wife Janice Dyson (pictured here backstage), Portland cartoonist Chad Essley and  Sativa Greenberg, his personal bodyguard, and myself in the bar area of the San Jose Hilton Hotel.

John and I were deep in conversation when we noticed that the Greenberg was having an animated conversation on the phone. Also, apparent was the presence of a really large male hotel employee who slipped quietly into the kitchen behind Greenberg.

At the behest of Janice Dyson, John excused himself from our conversation to investigate the dialog.

Tall, blonde, tattooed and with arms like a cross-fit trainer, Sativa is an accomplished martial artist who is also licensed to carry a variety of firearms.

For our meeting, Sativa left guns upstairs in her hotel room. Locked and concealed.

Somehow, the hotel maid managed to find them anyway and called hotel security, which then called the San Jose Police Department.

San Jose Police officers confiscated the guns and called Greenberg in the bar. The police told her that she could only retake possession of her guns if she was able to produce the original documentation from the State of Oregon (where she and McAfee both live) indicating that she is licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Apparently, she’ll have to go to Portland and return to San Jose before she can get her guns back.

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