John McAfee Scandalizes Again With New Video

by Dan Holden | August 29, 2013

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Tech industry bad boy John McAfee is at it again and this time it’s…well, it’s just not as pretty.

As a follow-on to the infamous (and very NSFW) guns-and-girls video lampooning press characterizations of his life in the last few years, McAfee has released a new video called John McAfee Tells All/Raw.

The new video perhaps disappointingly attempts to answer “popular questions” about his life and lifestyle, including “Did you shoot your neighbor in Belize?” “Did you manufacture illegal drugs?” and “Did you really live with seven women at once?”

With a cast that includes many of the same Portland, Oregon-area “dancers” who graced his first video, McAfee  launches into a marginally different story about his life on an exclusive island off the coast of Belize where, a year ago, a neighbor was found dead in his own home of a gunshot wound. Local authorities said at the time they wanted to question McAfee since he had reportedly had disagreements with the neighbor regarding his dogs and loud lifestyle, but no arrest warrnt was ever filed or issued. McAfee slipped out of Belize last December and eventually was flown from Guatemala to the US, landing in Florida.

The new video appears more than anything else to be a fond reflection on his previous exploits, including plenty of photos of—and stories about—his too-hot-to-handle girlfriends.

In addition, McAfee uses the video to challenge viewers to use green-screen versions of a yet-unreleased video originally titled The McAfee School of Badass “in any manner you see fit” to create their own lampoon versions of his production.  McAfee had said in an earlier exclusive interview that he intended to present The McAfee School of Badass as a contest rather than a simple challenge, but there was no reference to a contest or prize in the latest production.

Indeed, at the end of the new video, McAfee implores viewers to “make generous contributions to the Keep This Bastard Alive Fund,” care of a bogus address in Portland, the city where he now lives.

In a series of exclusive conversations this week, McAfee said he is still filming a full=length biographical video in Canada.

“The biopic is a feature length film that won’t be released until early next year,” said McAfee. “The video I sent you is simply a fun, meaningless short piece explaining that I will be releasing about 20 hours of raw footage that we shot (in no way related to the biopic) – originally titled: “the McAfee School of Badass”.  Just a fun, tongue-in cheek exercise.  The biopic is quite serious.”

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