Google Nose and Other April Fools Jokes

by Dan Holden | April 1, 2013

Google nose

Did Google fool you today?

Probably not, but if you fell for any of the gags below, don’t feel bad, it’s all in good fun.

Google began its April Fools’ Day pranks early and hard, releasing fake announcements almost as fast as it killed its own products during its Spring Cleaning a week earlier.

Some of the more popular reveals on Sunday included the beta launch of a “scent-based search engine” called Google Nose and the announcement that the company was shutting down YouTube to find the greatest video ever uploaded.

The search giant also announced that it was launching a treasure map mode for Google Maps to allow users to help find the hidden treasure of pirate Captain Kidd and users of Google Analytics were fooled by reports indicating that the International Space Station was viewing their pages.

Not to be outdone by itself, Google also raised some eyebrows by honoring labor leader Cesar Chavez instead of recognizing Easter Sunday.

Google has a long and storied history of April Fools’ Day jokes, including the report of self-driving NASCAR race cars and the introduction of an 8-bit Nintendo-style version of Google maps.

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