NBC Sports, Yahoo! Partner Up

by Nick Trenchard | December 21, 2012


NBC Sports and Yahoo Inc. reached a deal that will combine their efforts in sports reporting, college recruitment content and fantasy sports in order to build two separate but collaborating entities. The deal indicates that the two companies will work together to promote both brands across their television and internet services.

The move will help expand NBC’s digital presence as well as improve their college and fantasy sports content. Meanwhile, Yahoo! will gain access to the full girth of NBC’s broadcasting space, which includes its sports video content, live game coverage and big name personalities. The company also hopes to draw more users away from its competitors, such as Google and Facebook, two websites that are in direct competition with Yahoo! for advertising dollars.

“The complementary nature of this partnership is unmatched in digital sports media,” said Mark Lazarus, chairman of the NBC Sports Group. “Through our growing television and digital platforms, the Yahoo Sports partnership dramatically expands the digital reach of NBC Sports around the biggest sporting events. We are committed to continually growing this alliance for the benefit of both parties, our sports-property partners, and, most importantly, sports fans.”

The two companies will still work separately on matters concerning their own websites and will continue to produce completely original content. They will, however, pool their resources together on big sports stories and events to help sharpen their expertise. In turn, the stories will be reproduced on both online and on-air broadcast outlets.

“Passionate fans need news and analysis about their favorite teams in real time, and they want access to that information no matter where they are,” said Ken Fuchs, vice president of Yahoo Global Media and head of Yahoo Sports and Games. “We’re thrilled to combine Yahoo!’s fantasy offerings, product innovation and editorial authority with NBC’s broadcast coverage of live sports events and award-winning on-air talent. We think our users will love the result.”

Concurrently, the two companies will collaborate on made-for-web video programs that will be broadcasted on both NBCSports.com and Yahoo Sports. All advertising revenue will be shared between both companies.

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