Facebook Grabs Nearly 20 Percent of US Mobile Display Ad Money

by Dan Holden | December 29, 2012

Facebook Mobile Ads

Only a year ago, industry observers were complaining that Facebook had a nonexistent mobile advertising strategy. Today, the company controls 18.4 percent of U.S. mobile display ad revenues, according to Business Insider Intelligence.

While that may seem like a huge leap forward, we’re talking about a nascent market which even now represents a miniscule – but rapidly growing – portion of available Madison Avenue dollars.

In fact, according to eMarketer, Facebook will end the year with just $340 million in mobile display ad revenue. That’s tops for the market, but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the $12.7 billion spent for online display advertising in 2012, and even smaller when search advertising is added in.

Still, as the chart above indicates, Facebook went from a nonentity in mobile advertising in 2011 to the leader in just one year, blowing past Google, Pandora, and Apple’s iAd platform in the process.

If nothing else, Business Insider’s data shows that competitive dynamics can shift very quickly in the mobile market.

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