App Watch: MindMeld

by Nick Trenchard | December 17, 2012

expect labs

San Francisco-based Expect Labs hopes to deliver a new feature in the way people go about their daily online interactions via a new app called MindMeld.

Serial entrepreneur Tim Tuttle and his team of computer engineers at Expect Labs have been working on an Anticipatory Computing Engine, which helps individuals draw relevant information in real-time on their mobile devices.

When asked about what inspired the app, Tuttle replied through an email:

“…our team was a big fan of using Skype to collaborate. We noticed that when we were video chatting on our laptops, it was pretty painless to run searches in Google and share files and webpages during the conversation. When we tried to video chat from our mobile device, like the iPad, it was more cumbersome to search for and share related content during our conversation. We realized that more intelligent, real-time contextual discovery could solve the problem.”

MindMeld is not simply a video chat service, but gives users the option to store audio information in their conversation history to help jog the user’s memory.  It also helps predict the type of information participants need or want during a conversation to help simplify the research process. For example, if co-workers are talking about travel plans for the next upcoming business trip, the app will pull relevant information on flights, car rentals, hotels, and maps from across the web.  The most important information will be readily available at the top of the app’s page.

The app, which Tuttle says has been in development for two years, is slowly making waves in the Silicon Valley tech landscape. In fact, the company recently received $2.4 million in funding from Greylock Partners and Google Ventures.

Expect Labs has partnered with Nuance and its vaunted voice recognition technology to support MindMeld, which is slated for a January 2013 release. The company will charge a small fee for the app.

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