Space Shuttle Endeavor to Fly Over NASA Ames

by Dan Holden | September 18, 2012


On Friday morning between 9 and 9:30 am – not Thursday, as originally planned – Silicon Valley will be treated to a spectacular event as the Space Shuttle Endeavor makes its final flight at low altitude over the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View.

The flight, which actually begins at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and crosses the U.S. while flying over points such as the Apollo Mission Control center in Houston, will be Endeavor’s final trip as it makes its way to Los Angeles where it will be permanently installed at the California Science Center.

The California segment of the final flight of the Endeavor, which will be secured atop a 747 jetliner, will bring it to Sacramento, then over Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, and then on to Silicon Valley. It will make a low pass – 1,500 feet or so, according to officials – over NASA Ames Research Center.

The flight marks the end of a nine-year career in which Endeavor blasted into space 25 times and traveled 122,883,151 miles.

NASA Ames Research Center will hold a public gathering at Moffett Federal Airfield on the morning of the event. Beginning at 6am, the gathering will feature booth displays highlighting NASA Ames’ contributions to the space shuttle program, a welcome by Ames Center Director S. Pete Worden and a special guest speaker, and a flyover countdown. The center will open parking and food trucks at 6am and the displays will be available at 7.

NASA Ames Research Center notes that the flyover could be delayed or cancelled depending on the weather.

Attendees are encouraged to use public transportation. If you plan to drive, you must register for a parking pass. To register, please visit:

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