Google Publishes Meme Generator

by Dan Holden | September 27, 2012


Google employees have been quietly playing with a new meme generator on their internal networks for some time. When that little news spilled out to the general public earlier today, it generated a lot of response.

So Google, being a smart and social company, did the right thing: it agreed to make the meme generator available to everyone.

Which was a great move, because memes are hella fun.

If you’d like to try it out yourself, you may have to wait a bit. The meme generator will roll out slowly over the next few days. Check your Google + account for it. Basically, when you drop a photo into the Sharebox on Google +, you’ll begin to see a bar below it that allows you to “add text”.  Sizing and positioning tools are available to give it a pro look.

The move was smart for Google, because it allows Google + users to generate and share potentially viral memes with others in their circles without having to leave the site for additional tools.

In spite of their ubiquity, memes are still some of the hottest contributions users can generate, often making up a substantial portion of an individual or site’s traffic generation. Sites like have made millions in ad revenues from these simple projects.


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