Startup Watch: PredictGaze

by Matt Miller | June 13, 2012


PredictGaze, a brand new Silicon Valley startup, is creating a future where video game characters can be controlled with your head, where your phone can judge your reaction to commercials and other content, all through the front-facing camera on your smartphone. According to the startup’s website, “We believe that text is incapable of capturing the user feedback and their feelings. So we came up with idea of capturing user’s gaze, their emotions, and their sentiments so that every feeling can be easily heard.” PredictGaze also won the April 2012 Mega Startup Weekend. Below is an outline of the company according to CEO Saurav Kumar.

Company Name: PredictGaze

Address: 1031 Clyde Ave. Santa Clara, Calif.

Phone: (607) 793-4968


Social Sites: The startup has a small presence on Twitter @predictgaze

CEO Name: Saurav Kumar

Date Established: Jan. 16, 2012

Funding: Self-funded, family and friends

Mission: Allow mobile developers to use the front camera on a mobile device to extract high level information related to head gestures movement, blink detection, gaze and emotion recognition. One of the applications of this high level information is in mobile games space where developers can allow their game users to control game character using front camera.

What’s Next: To integrate our technology that uses the above features with other game/application developers. We have just integrated it with GoGoMongo (a Toddler App on iOS) and are looking for new developers.

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