Tim Cook confronted Path CEO Morin over app privacy

by Brendan Nystedt | March 16, 2012


Path, the social journaling service, recently was found to have kept its users’ address book info without permission. They said it was an innocent mistake, violating their users’ privacy in such a way, and corrected the oversight. However, this threw doubt into how Apple’s stringent App Store selection process could have missed a glaring invasion of privacy. Apple so-called “walled garden” approach is supposed to protect users from things like this.

Path CEO and co-founder Dave Morin soon found himself  in the office of Apple CEO Tim Cook, and, if what Bloomberg Businessweek writes is accurate, Morin received a stern talking-to. “ As the Path controversy unfolded, it became clear that several other popular apps uploaded contacts as well,” Bloomberg Businessweek continues. The App Store is supposed to be a relatively fair process but some are finding ways of undermining the protective bubble Apple places around the process. They’ve learned how to play the game and Apple’s having to think different to combat those trying to get an unfair advantage.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek 

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