PC Mag: iPad still #1 since Android apps “suck”

by Brendan Nystedt | March 27, 2012


PC Magazine’s Sascha Segan dealt a critical blow to Android-based tablet computers in an article outlining why he gave the new iPad an Editor’s Choice award. He says it’s not due to the iPad’s great hardware but rather to the higher quality of available software. He points a finger at Android app developers, who are all too willing to let Android tablets scale phone apps up instead of reworking the user interface for the big screen.

There’s a lack of good, proper tablet applications but the problem is exacerbated by compatibility issues and the shopping experience. Even though Google has recently consolidated its music, video and app stores into Google Play, it’s a mess. He writes:

Things get even worse when you realize Google Play shows different apps on its website and on individual tablets; even though the Google Play website claims some apps run on an Asus Transformer Prime, the apps didn’t show up on Google Play on the Prime.

Even if it’s possible to track down a desired app, Segan details:

…you’ll discover that it’s ugly or nearly useless because it was designed for a 4-inch screen. The frustrating discovery process is one reason our software desk was able to come up with a list of The 100 Best iPad Apps but only 12 great Android tablet apps.

Ouch! Although apps don’t always make the platform, it’s true that it’s a major selling point for mobile computer users. Apple’s cutting edge app developers tend to come up with the best stuff for the iOS platform before Android gets it. When will Android tablets hit their stride?

Source: PC Mag

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