HP reorg forces printing group into the PC division

by Brendan Nystedt | March 21, 2012


In what they’re calling an “organizational realignment,” HP is moving their Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) under the Personal Systems Group (PSG) umbrella, forming the Printing and Personal Systems Group. It seems to be a move that’s now possible because the VP of the IPG, Vyomesh Joshi, is retiring after 31 years at HP. Without a leader, the IPG can be incorporated into the PSG, headed by Todd Bradley. According to the press release:

Combining these two entities will rationalize HP’s go-to-market strategy, branding, supply chain and customer support worldwide. This will lead to a better customer experience and drive innovation across personal computing and printing. This realignment is expected to provide opportunities for cost savings and accelerate HP’s ability to pursue profitable growth and reinvest in the business.

HP’s internal structure seems convoluted to outsiders and that is indeed the case. It’s a well-established fact that within big companies, it’s hard to align strategies like marketing, industrial design and software when product teams are cloistered away from each other. Perhaps, with their print and PC powers combined in the PPSG, HP can streamline their bread-and-butter consumer businesses. This is the first big change Meg Whitman has made as CEO and it could make or break her as a leader.

Source: HP

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