Conan O’Brien’s editors back, poke fun at Adobe Premiere

by Brendan Nystedt | March 20, 2012


After feeling the burn from Apple over the release of Final Cut X, the editors of TBS’s Conan found themselves in the position to switch to another editing suite. They took the time to actually mock the software on-air, crafting a hilarious sketch making fun of the fledgling, feature-light FCPX.

Like many in the film industry, they seem to have settled on Adobe Premiere for their next editing setup. In the video below, Rob Ashe, Dan Dome and Dave Grecu give a sneak peek of the next Adobe Premiere Pro, while spoofing the overuse of hashtags and Twitter handles. Bubbling over with excitement over Premiere Pro, Ashe gleefully exclaims: “Some people call it Final Cut 8!” They even take the time to namecheck their pal John Adobe, who, (didn’t you know?) is the founder of Adobe Software. Duh.

Source: Vimeo, Via: The Verge


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